Learn SEO Basics to Jump-start Your Internet Marketing Career

Internet marketing is one of the most rewarding careers for anyone, but it’s imperative that you learn SEO, because it will equip you with the knowledge you need to service your clients successfully.


The SEO landscape is constantly changing and this will always affect the visibility of your client’s website, so by learning search engine optimization, you put in place the right strategies to help your client’s website rank higher and attract more traffic.

Learning the basics of SEO will equip you with how to optimize web pages. Optimizing web pages is of paramount importance because it ensures that you have high quality and relevant information that answer questions about what the searcher is looking for. The relevance of your customer’s website content is determined by search engine robots and this is mostly done based on the keywords that are being targeted. Also, the authority of the web pages is determined by the number of high quality backlinks among a number of other things like trust and relevance. You have to ensure that the websites that you are promoting are linked to from reputable and top ranking sites. When doing on-page optimization, you have to look at the title tags, Meta descriptions and the body content, which must be sharable and highly engaging. Other essentials that you should learn are ALT attributes, URL structure, Schema and Mark-up.

You will learn about effective keyword research. When searching for which keywords to use, you need to look at such things as relevance, search volume and the level of competition for that particular keyword. This is because when people perform searches on the search engines, they type in keywords related to the goods and services they’re looking for. Once you know which keywords are most often used by people searching for goods and services you are selling, you’ll know which keywords you should be targeting. Highly competitive keywords, however, are often not the best place to start, because they are costly and hard to rank. There are many great tools that you can use for your keyword research and knowing how to use these tools well can bring about a huge difference to the managing of your online marketing campaigns.

Learning the foundation of SEO services will also teach you about internal linking and information architecture. Learning how to organize your website pages is critical. How you get your content organized determines how your content ranks and how it responds to a wide range of searches. Learn more about this here. Search engine robots index well organized content easily while also considering them as trusted. The texts that you use while linking to your pages, which are referred to as anchor texts are also important because this is what Google uses to know what the page is about.

Ultimately, SEO basics will introduce you to the world of search engine marketing and how it works, thereby putting you in a position to achieve your goals as an internet marketing professional.


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